Sapporo Teppanyaki

Location: 134 Duke Street, Liverpool

So on my travels around England; we stopped off for a fancy dinner at Sapporo Teppanyaki in Liverpool. A great place to go with a few friends as it has a fantastic atmosphere. The chef’s cook in front of you and interact with the guests ensuring everyone gets involved. For my starter I went for Prawns in Garlic Sauce which were King prawns sautéd with garlic and ­nished in a cream and mirin wine sauce (pictured below), as well as the chicken Gyoza’s(also pictured). This was followed by the Salmon with Japanese ‘7 flavour chilli pepper’ sauce for my mains. Every dish comes with a side of egg fried rice and potato chips cooked also in front of you.

As it was a friend’s birthday the staff also gathered around to create a song for the birthday guest which was really fun, definitely a great place for a special occasion.

*Recommend eating as it is served

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